Annual Sites

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Benefits of Getting an Annual Site

Those who get a annual site may put semi-permanent features on their sites. 

    Guidelines for structures:

    • Structures built cannot be attached to the ground. They must be sitting on blocks.
    • Structures will not have sewage, and thus cannot have toilets or any type of plumbing.
    • Structures can have electricity, but that must be coordinated with and inspected by a representative of Thor's Hollow.
    • Anything built on the site that is not removed once the contract ends becomes the property of the Thorís Hollow Retreat.
    • Thor's Hollow is available to build something on your site for you at an additional cost, plus cost of materials.
    • The location, size and design of all platforms must be approved by Thor's Hollow before any construction starts.

    Thor's Hollow is not responsible for any damage done to anything left at or built on annual campsites.

Anyone with an annual site, along with their guests, may visit their site without any additional fee on any non-event weekend.

Thor's Hollow and its facilities are available to anyone with an annual site and their guests for weddings, family get-togethers or personal ceremonies at a discounted rate.

Only those with annual sites may leave tarps or tents standing after visits.

Annual campers may choose their own site when they first choose to become annual campers, and may switch sites whenever they would like, upon approval by Thorís Hollow.

No one else will be allowed to camp in designated annual camper sites without that camperís permission.

Though Annual Campers can visit their site any time, water to the campground is turned off from November through April; and snow, leaves and other debris are not cleared during this time. Please note that winter weather will collapse your tent! Downed tents will be removed before the first weekend in April.

Responsibilities of Annual Sites

Any campers with annual sites are expected to follow campground rules.

Annual contracts may be ended before the end of the year by Thor's Hollow at the discretion of Thorís Hollow.

Annual contracts may be transferred to others, with the agreement of Thor's Hollow

Types of Sites Rentals:

Rental of Site with No Event Attendance:

  • $30 per month for rental of the site (No Event Attendance Included).

Site rental is for two adults and unlimited children. Guests to the site will be charged $5 per adult each night on non-event days.

Rental of Site Plus Attendance of Most Retreat Events (as defined below):

  • $40 per month for individuals
  • $60 per month for couples
  • $80 per month for families (2 adults and unlimited kids)

If more than two adults will be included for event attendance, prices increase by $10 per adult monthly.

      Events Included:

      • Twelfth Night
      • Vanir Fest
      • Midsummer
      • Camp Idunna
      • Rhythm Fest
      • Winternights
      • Winter Wassail

Attendance of any events not included here must be paid for separately.


Continual Use of Electric at your site (i.e. to run a refrigerator or cooler) $10 per month

Use of electric at sites only at festivals can be paid for as $5 per festival
$2.50 added to your monthly payments

If you have any questions about Annual Sites, please contact us.


IMPORTANT: Setting up a subscription payment through the buttons below is equivalent to agreeing to these terms.

Site Only (No Events)
Site Plus Most Events

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