Thorís Hollow holds a number of gatherings throughout the season. Most events held at Thorís Hollow are the third weekend of the month. Other weekends are open for general camping.

The Thorís Hollowís 2017 events are listed below.

For more information regarding the time and place of these events, please visit that eventís page. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Contact Us section to speak with a Thorís Hollow representative.

2017 Events


Summer Finding

March 26

Trillium Gathering
ADF (Druid) Spring Gathering

April 13 - 16

Vanir Fest
An Asatru weekend honoring the Gods of the Vanir

May 18 - 21


June 18

Camp Idunna
A Pagan and Asatru weekend specifically geared
towards familes

July 14 - 16

Rhythm Fest
A weekend of drumming and dancing


Apple Valley Winternights Gathering
A gathering of the Asatruars in the Midatlantic region

October 18 - 22

Winter Wassail
Winter Wassail is a weekend long event bringing the wassailing traditions of the past into the celebration of modern Heathenry.

Dec 2 - 3

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